Golden Construction Brand of the Year

Golden Construction Brand of the Year awards golden-construction-brand-of-the-year

The "Gold Construction Brand of the Year" award is a prestigious distinction awarded to window manufacturers who are distinguished by excellent quality, innovation and commitment in the construction industry. The winners are recognized for their outstanding achievements, distinctive design, functionality and sustainable approach. The award builds customer trust and emphasizes the prestige of the brand in the construction sector. Reputation, references, product innovation, and positive opinions of customers and industry experts are assessed.

The main award criteria:

  • Product quality: Products should be of high quality, durability and functionality.

  • Innovation: Outstanding technical solutions, innovative design, use of new materials.

  • Sustainability: The manufacturer's approach to ecology, sustainable production and materials is assessed.

  • Safety: Products should meet safety standards to protect users.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer testimonials and testimonials regarding the quality, service and functionality of windows.

  • Brand prestige: Manufacturer's reputation, market position and impact on the construction industry.

  • Energy efficiency: The thermal insulation parameters of the windows and the potential for energy savings are assessed.

  • Design: Aesthetics, functionality and compliance with current design trends.

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