Flush mounted roller shutter

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Name: Flush mounted roller shutter
Manufacturer: Aluprof

The SP-E flush-mounted roller shutter is an ideal solution primarily for newly erected buildings, but also after modifications of the lintel in existing buildings. Its installation already at the design stage allows for excellent thermal insulation, without affecting the construction of windows and doors. The roller shutter box fits harmoniously into the facade of the building, becoming an imperceptible element of the facade. Structural elements can be color-matched to the window joinery. Roller shutter profiles are solid and have high thermal insulation properties. The SP-E flush mounted roller shutters are ideal for people looking for versatile solutions to regulate light, temperature and privacy of the internal space.

Additional protection against insects

The possibility of using a mosquito net is an additional protection against insects, ensuring the comfort of the interior and preventing their intrusion. Thanks to this solution, you can freely enjoy the fresh air without the risk of bothersome insects in the rooms. Mosquito nets are an effective protection that leaves the windows open, and at the same time protects the inhabitants from insects and ensures pleasant conditions in the home or office. It is a practical solution that makes using open windows safe and comfortable, regardless of the season.


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With a mosquito net

Excellent thermal insulation 

The SP-E flush-mounted roller shutters are a solid and durable solution that is distinguished by excellent thermal properties. By choosing the right profile made of high-quality aluminum sheet filled with polyurethane foam and special two-layer varnish coatings, these roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation.

In winter, windows and doors contribute to the loss of up to 25% of heat, and in summer they let through about 60% of solar radiation, which causes overheating of rooms. The use of external roller shutters allows for effective protection against heat loss on cold days and overheating of the room on warm days, which translates into comfort and energy savings inside the building. 



External roller shutters are an important element protecting the building and are of key importance for improving security. Their presence affects the multifaceted protection of both residents and property.

Firstly, roller shutters act as a physical barrier against potential intruders. Thanks to their solid construction and opaque closing of windows and doors, they hinder visibility into the building, which deters potential burglars and reduces the risk of burglary.

Secondly, external blinds provide greater privacy for residents. The ability to adjust the visibility from the outside allows you to control access to the interior, which is especially important for ground floors and low-lying windows.

In addition, roller shutters protect windows against damage caused by weather conditions, such as wind, hail or tree branches. Thanks to this, they maintain their integrity and strength, which is extremely important in the context of ensuring the stability of the building.

Different types of drives available

Aluminum roller blinds offer various control methods - manual (retractor or tape) and electric. Aluprof supplies various lines of actuators, including Somfy and SIMU brands, with functions such as limit switches, radio receivers and obstacle detection. Electric roller shutters are controlled by dedicated transmitters or sun and wind sensors, which ensures comfort and adaptation to the project.

Drives available

Control transmitters available 

Certificate of the Passive House Institute

The Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI) awarded the certificate to roller blinds in Aluprof systems  SP-E with boxes of 165 mm and smaller. These roller shutters, meeting the requirements of the certificate, are a perfect solution for buildings with low energy demand, while ensuring an aesthetic finish of the facade. SP-E systems do not interfere with the structure of the window or lintel, maintaining the tightness of the building. This is the first PHI certificate for a Polish company in this group of products, confirming their quality and use in demanding projects.

An excellent choice for everyone

The use of Aluprof external roller shutters is a reasonable decision that brings many benefits. Thanks to them, we can control the amount of light and heat entering the rooms, which affects energy savings and comfort of use. In addition, roller shutters provide effective protection against excessive sunlight and noise, making the interior more pleasant and functional. It is not only an investment in comfort, but also in financial savings, because they improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Available colors

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